Poetry On Rewind

This is Mirror Mirror:  A Book of Reversable Verse by Marilyn Singer.  It has been quite a challenge to hunt down.  My library doesn’t have it yet and I am being impatient on waiting for the copy I ordered for the Boston Atheneaum to come in.  So I trotted down to the old book store where people who are not living on nothing in grad school can look at books and actually leave with them.  I, on the other hand, grabbed the one copy, slouched in a corner and took nice little blog notes (including a copied out poem).  I then lost said blog notes.  So improvise it is!  Cause this book deserves to be talked about.

Singer uses a poetic form that she dubs the reverso.  Lets break it down.

1) You got a poem:





2) Then you hit rewind and play it backwards:





(this moment would have been less yoda-like with the lovely little example Singer uses which is lost in the black hole of a bookstore bathroom)

She uses this form to tell different perspectives of fairy tales.  Are you following?  TWO perspectives simply by reversing the poem! She makes it look so easy!  It is fun to try the form out, plus, you will gain an intense appreciation for her brilliance in this book!  Read it.  Do it.

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