Wonderful Sadness

This is a book about loss. But it is also a gorgeous, heart aching, picturebook that ends in a hopefulness that we are all lucky to someday experience in our lives.  And you leave this book feeling like you will be that lucky.

A little girl looses a loved one and as a result she no longer finds wonderment in the world and places her heart in a bottle.  The images reflect her move from a bright, saturated world to one of emptiness.  She grows up, her heart safely bottled and tied around her neck, until the day she realizes she wants it back.  But the bottle is unbreakable, her heart forever trapped and untappable.  Yes, I did mention a conclusion full of hope and you do get to see that lovely color soaked world again, but I’m not telling.

Word around the campfire is that this is more or an adult picture book.

Here is another ‘more adult picturebook’ thats also amazing:

Why is it that so many adult picturebooks are kind of sad?  Wait. No. Why are all sad picturebooks considered for adults? You are completely kidding yourself if you think a child should never read a book about loss.  Loss if just as much a part of a child’s life as an adult.  Plus, we adults find a lot of beauty and enjoyment from books that are sad.  Do you not think a child is capable of seeing that same beauty?

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  1. These both seem amazingly wonderful and perfect for sharing with some of the kids that I work with. Thanks for sharing these!

  2. hear hear! have you seen this book?: http://www.amazon.com/Sound-Colors-English-Jimmy-Liao/dp/0316939927 one of my all-time favorites. one day i am going to seek out an original, even though i wouldn’t be able to read it.

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