How Shakespeare Got Cool

OK, look.  Shakespeare did some good stuff.  But golly dolly I did not give a flying flip about his dramatic irony and jester jokes in highschool.  And, honestly, as an adult I wish he would have stopped recycling characters, plots, and jokes but that is beside the point.  Alas, what is the point?  Imagine…this cover on the book shelves

Those eyes tear me up every time.  What word is there other than tragic to describe Gareth Hind’s illustrations.  Hinds has taken Shakespeare’s King Lear and whittled down the text to a clear, yet authentic, telling of the play and presented it as a graphic novel.  His characters freely move about the page mimicking the space of a theatre and sometimes there are even dotted stage directions that imply the character’s past steps.  Right now you should be thinking ‘what a genius!’  Like any graphic novel the smallest details have their own story to tell and Hind’s work is no different.  Pay attention to color, when borders do make an appearance, and alterations in style.

I have been a fan of Hind’s work since Beowulf and this did not disappoint.  I enjoyed the play through a new set of eyes where Shakespeare’s world is uniquely envisioned and viscerally moving and I never thought that would be something I would say.  If I ran into the 15 year old Kristin on the street I would hand her my grass stained copy of this book, tell her to stop being so surly (including about Mr. Shakespeare), and to throw away every pair of stretchy pants she owns.

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