I Collided with 4 People Due to Reading These Books While Walking

It is official.  Final paper turned in and time belongs to ME now!  At least for the next two weeks.  Ding Dang Summer Class.  So I am pumping through the books that have been sitting rejected and glum on my bookshelf…and on my floor…and on hold at the library…and cluttering my desk.  It has only been 24 hours and I have already pounded through two of the highly gossiped about Chaos Walking series.

And boy oh boy were they intense reads.  There were even moments when I physically hurt from the gruesomeness of them.  There are lots and lots of things to say about these books, the depiction of our past as our future, gender and power, the environment, US torture methods…and the list goes on…but here is what I am going to say.

Todd and Viola are two characters of the opposite sex that love each other.

I know I know, a YA book fulfilling YA troupes ASTONISHING!  Stick with me here.  These kids love each other in a way that is never explicitly romantic.  I think the most culturally comparable bond would be that of a brother and sister but this book claims that those types of bonds are not limited to the family.  In The Ask and the Answer you can be a 14-year-old boy and girl and experience an intense bond with the opposite sex that is not immersed in sexuality or romance.  The only other example I can think of for teens is Veronica and Wallace’s friendship in the Veronica Mars series.  I surely can’t think of a YA novel that enables such a thing.  Granted.  There is one more book to go.

The final book in the series, Monsters of Men, was just released in the UK.  Do you remember when I told you that I am not cool enough for Advanced Reader Copies.  Well I’m not, but I am begging for one from a pal who is worthy.  Expect updates.

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  1. ooh, you got me with Veronica and Wallace.

  2. Ah, so I must go from lurker to participant!

    We were in Susan’s 435 class together and I have a thing for book blogs and these books!

    In fact, I have such a large thing for these books that I ordered Monsters of Men from the UK and just got it on Friday. I have a friend next in line after I finish reading them, but would you like to borrow it after she finishes?

    -Elena Mcvicar

  3. Elena,
    A) I am impressed with your lurking skills and fully support it
    B) You are a genius with your abroad ordering techniques
    C) Please please please let me know when it is available! I will cover it in plastic wrap and never drink near it and barely touch it’s beautiful pages!

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