A Thesis

You are, officially, in the presence of a Simmons College Children’s Literature Masters graduate.

When I first looked into Simmons a professor in Texas told me, if you go there you will have the most important degree in Children’s Literature in the country.  She also warned me that it was the most grueling program and far less warm than the other options.  And right she was.  I do not have mixed feelings about leaving Simmons behind.  I am ready for what’s next, one kitten heel in front of the next.  But I know that the nature of this program gave me things beyond its amazing academic experience that others could not.

While I spent my days with books super glued to my palms or in front of my laptop meticulously evaluating every syllable of a paper, I knew this was where I wanted to be.  Even when my cat passed away or when I got my first B, even when my boyfriend went out with friends, other girls, other anyone’s other than me or when he said all those awful things like how I was no fun anymore, how I’m broken and then walked out of my house for the last time, even when winter laid down dark and thick and weighty on this city, I never once thought, I am leaving this.

My stuff stayed unpacked.  My tuition kept being paid.  And I only got better and smarter and utterly adept.

What it boils down to is that you learn what you truly are capable of.  You learn what you owe to yourself.  Something more than the mundane.  Maybe that’s the biggest part of graduate school, of all of that push push push.  You learn knowing how hard you can work for something, how much love you hold inside.  And then you never let yourself settle.  Not on a job.  Not on a man.  Not on your own self worth.

I stand behind Kristin.  She’s a real winner, that one.

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  1. Whoa, I always knew you were special. It’s amazing to know that people will still fight for this. I think this day in age we don’t even think about the next option, we think our economy won’t validate or substantiate it. My hat is off to you, Kristin. To think we used to share proofs for a publishing company and now look at us! All experiences are good to learn from though, of course. I’m proud of you – and will boldly say, YOU GO GIRL. Congratulations.

  2. Indeed she is. I’m glad to know her. And I’d really like to see her now that she’s done. 😉 Congratulations!

  3. Hurray! That was awesome. 🙂

  4. Tell me something I don’t know! Way to go my Precious!

  5. That she is 🙂 I’m so happy for you, Sristin!!! You deserve so many great things and I can’t wait to hear what’s next!!

  6. A big hell yes, sister! First Simmons, now the world!!

  7. You are truly an inspiration Kristin! I am so blessed to know you, and I think you are one of the strongest women I know. Don’t lose any of yourself…ever.

  8. Oh man! Did I mention how awesome my family and friends are?! I am so grateful for everyone who stuck out this journey with me, including you guys. They all deserve a round of applause from my happy little hands!

  9. Awesome. Well put and congrats!

  10. Congratulations, Kristin!!

  11. Kristin you are truly awesome! You climbed over all of the “boulders” that have appeared in front of you instead of falling over them. Climbing not always without tears and misgivings but always with strength and determination. Kristin you have become such a beautiful young woman. Always look back on the good and bad and know that it took all of this to make you into what God has planned. Love, Love and more Love coming your way from Aunt Pam!

  12. My daughter asked me read this blog! Wow! As a mother, I say hurray! What a writer! You are a talent! I must say that I am as proud of you as my own daughter! I will be following your blogs as well! Best wishes!

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