It Was Bound to Happen

I have experienced the great and powerful conundrum of book blogging.  Do you write the bad review?  Luckily, I only spent about 4 hours deliberating with my rarer sweeter side and have come to this conclusion:  I am a big advocate of talking smack.  Plus, lets face it, saying nice things all the time is booorrriinng.

So you see…there was this book…that I was kind of stoked on…and when I finally picked it up it was a huge battle to power through it.  And, really, the only reason I did not put it into the gapping mouth of the library door slot was so that I could feel fully validated in disliking it.  Booraem’s book, The Unnameables, has an interesting premise.  An island cultured with a people who place importance on Usefullness (yes, with a capital U) and where art and anything else that is not easily defined with simple language is banned.  And, or course, there is a misfit teenager who defies it all.

I wish I could say that it just wasn’t my thing but I DO love alternate reality worlds and I DO love commentary on the give and take of religion and society and all that, this book was just slow, dull, and difficult to get into.  And believe me, I tried.  The biggest flaw is that these characters needs some…oh…what do you call it…character.  Geezy creezy I couldn’t care less about them.  And it is not like, ‘oh we are flat because it makes sense,’ because main character Medford is supposed to be more dimensional than his community but all he really offers is ‘well, I like making art’ which gives me nothing about his personhood and evokes little sympathy.

Lurking on current reviews of the book, many fans note its slower moving plot and complicated world building.  They say stick with it.  And I did.  And here I am.  But I will leave you with a book that I think includes both of those challenges but does offer a worthwhile (I would go as far as to say amazing) reading experience and that, my friends, is Marchetta’s Jellico Road.

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