Digital Story Time

My job search has sent me in some unique places…lots of gray cubicaled offices filled with the sharp staccato of data entry, homey little non profits functioning in rented out conference rooms, and a situation where a director and co-director posed as disinterested and sleepy children while I attempted to coax them into thinking about story-telling.  But by far, my Skype interview with an Alaskan family at 11pm wins out.

On a whim, I created a profile on and this amazing family from Alaska contacted me.   The best part, besides…oh…ALASKA…the fact that the family is vegetarian/vegan…and they all seem lovely…is that these kids LOVE books.  In my interview with the children they offered me a moment that I have been cherishing ever since;  via Skype, the children read me their newest book.

A)  I was stoked because I had not heard of this book  B) I got even more stoked when they started singing the song embedded within the book and I realized how completely genius Litwin is in constructing Pete The Cat.  The bluesy, catchy language just begs you to reach the next riff of the song and there are guessing games and call backs!  So many ways for a kid to interact with the book!   C) I realized that while technology is seemingly cutting in on the world of books, moments like these, where books are being shared over millions of miles, connecting people, it is doing a great service to books.

I then read them two books I had on hand, Prevert’s and Gerstein’s How To Paint  Portrait of a Bird and Lies’ Bats At the Beach.

Now I just have to decide between an adventurous year in Alaska with a family (little professional development but lots of personal growth and soul warmth) or a job that is perfectly aligned with my professional goals in a city I said I would never live in.  But one thing I will say, it is lovely that options are becoming available and I am so grateful for each and every one.

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