Learning How to Donate

Believe it or not, kiddos, people other than my mother have been complaining about my gross lack of updating.  Who knew?  But lets face it, a brand new city, a brand new job, and the last days of summer weather is not a good combo for book reading.  Yet, you should be happy to note that I am in possession of a Brooklyn Public Library card and have already amassed $10.00 in fees…so, I’m trying.

My new job has me currently running around to 6 schools in hopes of getting our programming up and running beautifully.  I, of course, immediately flock to the cart of books that each school has for the volunteers to read to their kids.  Most of our books arrive in our schools via donation so it is unsurprising to see a smattering of outdated, drab picturebooks and the classics like Berenstain Bears, several copies of Goodnight Moon, a handful of Dahl books, and oh yeah, books about trucks…cause boys apparently only like trucks?  Honestly, an overall unimpressive collection.  We are trying to get modern kids excited about books here people.  And the thing is…that I get it.  When I moved to NYC I donated 3 boxes of books…none of which were my favorites, they were the equivalent to Berenstain Bears – momentarily entertaining but forgettable.  Those are the kinds of books we part with and, therefore, those are the kind of books those who need the most aid receive.  And we walk away, feeling like we did something good.

I have grand plans of books lists and donation drives but…well…when they say beggars can’t be choosers they mean it.  But I do think this experience has made me think more about how I go about donating to charities and how my $12.00 for a new amazing book or my sacrifice of my own copy is really such a tiny easy thing for me to do.


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