Pre-Springing into Spring

In hopes of forcing spring to come to this city that still demands three layers and a hat, I am performing my usual its-spring!-burst-of-energy a bit early.  I really think this is going to work.  Already the temp has risen to the 50s and the sun is streaming into the house.  I’ve rediscovered the password to the bigbookliltweet twitter account, gone to Manhattan TWICE this weekend, and read some sweet books.  I am hoping this entry will bring the temp up to the 60s since this book is all about living life to the fullest and my fullest more easily exists in a tank top.  Here’s hoping.

I left Libba Bray’s Going Bovine on my kitchen table as I schlepped trash down to the street.  When I returned, my roommate was hunched over my book reading the back cover, giggling.  And understandably.  It speaks of a boy diagnosed with mad cow, a sickness that leads to hallucinations, inability to control your body, and eventual death, as well as sugar eating angels, a video gaming dwarf, and a talking yard gnome.  Crazy, right?  And I have to admit it was not a book I would have picked up if it were not for the Printz Award on the cover.  But, man oh man, am I glad I did!

This is one crazy ride where reality becomes so wonderfully blurry, where the truth becomes obsolete, and finding joy in the world, however that can be achieved, is the greatest goal.  It is craftily written in a way that I believed in the ‘hallucinated’ world.  So much so that it seemed more honest than the other alternative, despite the ridiculousness of that world.  I mean we are talking Viking gods living in yard gnomes, time traveling rock bands, snow globe creating weaponry, and punk rock angels here.   And I was in it to win it!  Dude, the gnome made me cry.  It was Dobby all over again.  Plus, this main character is funny as hell.  This book is worth picking up just to get to know him.  And, no, he does not turn into a cow, as the cover may suggest.

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