YA Adventure; Pedal to the Metal

Yeah, so what, I picked up another Printz winner.  Just cause the last one was just so darn good!

Ship Breaker by Paola Bacigalupi was a whole different beast though.

Your butt in thrown into this crazy, broken down, tattoo-labeling, violent, future world.  It is as raw as a slab of sashimi…but less healthy…and covered in tar.  And you have to figure out what the heck is going on and fast.

Does anyone remember the good old days when the setting lovingly unfolded page by page like in Tolkien’s The Hobbit?

It seems that young adults are demanding immediate gratification in their action-adventure books and can’t even wait three pages.  I mean, main character Nailer’s life is severely threatened by page 20.  I’ve seen this intense start-up over and over again…See Incarceron and The Graveyard Book…admittedly, books I LOVE.

And I can talk about how our digital age is to blame and how attention spans are getting shorter and shorter and all that stuff.  But what is really spectacular is how quickly these youngsters are putting the pieces together.  How little they need to figure out the world, how they are comfortable (albeit if there is rousing action) NOT knowing the details and picking them up along the way.  And maybe this is because this method is better representation of the young mind.  The brief descriptions of the outside and the fundamentals of the society are only given in relation to the main character, the self: the most important thing to teenagers.

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