In the Inside

I could have sworn I wrote this blog already. No. Really. I have distinct memories of it. Maybe my brain is slowly shutting down bits and pieces of itself. I am quite overwhelmed at work with wrapping up the school year and developing and launching two summer programs (and, yes, I will accept pats on the back) and I must admit sometimes it is hard to even pick up a book before my head hits the pillow. So maybe fabricating memories of putting together a well thought out blog is entirely possible. So I give you this second-rate albeit real version.

Remember how I was talking about INYOURFACE YA start-ups? Well this one drops you next to a man chained to some tracks in the biggest darkest space your mind can think of while a thunderous machine comes racing towards him. Don’t worry. He doesn’t die. The large 200 chunk of pages in your right hand can tell you that much. While this method is obviously trending, the author of Incarceron, Catherine Fisher, utilizes it to her theme’s advantage. Focused on a prison dubbed Incarceron that can think, sustain the life of its inmates, and create anything it likes within its ever-expanding walls, Fisher recreates the feeling of being dropped into the depths of the prison, alike to some of her characters.

Some fun facts about Incarceron: 1) No one gets out. Ever. 2) Its personality ain’t so nice. Since no one has ever left most of the prisoners inside have been born in Incarceron, keeping inmates’ families stuck in the cyclical violence the prison creates. It is easy to see the connection of Incarceron and our own prison system and this thread leads to an interesting trail on the book and its sequel, Sapphique, goes on.

Clans of killers, thieves, and addicts fill Incarceron’s chambers but as a result of what? Which corrupted which….did the man-made machine, left to its own devices, corrupt the people inside who were merely trying to survive or did the inmates within teach the machine the nature of cruelty?

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