Just Another Reason Why Wells are Creepy


In celebration of purchasing an air conditioner after a brutal day of 105° heat I picked up some books and laid in bed and read.  All day.  It was magical.

I tore myself away from Game of Thrones (if you have read these books you understand the magnitude of that statement) and grabbed the YA graphic novel Anya’s Ghost by Vera Brosgol.

Anya’s voice is strong and easily relatable.  As a Russian immigrant, her story of exclusion, awkwardness, and self deprecation can be applied to any kid who has ever felt like an outcast or just not cool enough.  And when she befriends a
ghost at the bottom of a well who is willing to support her, those same kids can relate to her enthusiasm for that support.  But this story wouldn’t be any fun if all was hunky-dory after that, now would it?

Brosgol’s choice of moody purples that soak each panel is a perfect reflection of Anya’s emotions and creates a not-terrifying-but-still-creepy ghost story setting and, later, a down-right-terrifying ghost story setting.  Way to be multifaceted, purple.

I also appreciate how Brosgol dynamically overlaps images and text that are easy to follow despite the absence of cell lines.  When this happens you can’t help but stop and really feel the moment.

Like this image that I ruined by using my zero photography skills.

Oh, and take some time to look at the cover art of this book.  It is really smart and I don’t want to give away too much but think about what it means to you before you open the book, finish it, and then take a look back.  For me, the image transforms and that transformation is exactly what happens within the text.  It is so smart and it just keeps pulling me into the book over and over again in search of new things.


Wanna see more?  Check out this 17 page preview at First Second!

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