Michael Kors loves Steampunk

If you have ever been in New York during the holiday season then you know about the extravagant stunning window displays on 5th Avenue.  I did not.  But now I do!  And you are thinking….Kristin, Christmas is over…why is this even remotely relevant.  Well, if you recall a certain past post, one of the earliest in fact, about my love of steampunk, these windows will become pretty darn relevant.

Fashion meets young adult trends!  Lets just hope that next year’s is not about vampires.

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Full Steam[punk] Ahead!

Me and Steampunk are buddies, well maybe more like friends who live in differing states and get to see each other once or twice a year.  Adventure and cute outfits, what more could a girl want!

What is funny is how it seems to be leaking into the mainstream a little bit.  Or blowing up rather.  I can’t help but think that Mr. Scott Westerfield’s Leviathan is playing a part in that (sidenote: my YA readers group, composed of 13-15 yr olds, loved the heck out of this book).  His Uglies series attracted a lot of little ladies, some of whom do not regularly lurk the sci-fi nooks in the bookstores. And, I hope, some of my favorite contemporary YA Steampunk ,Oppel’s Airborne series, should get some street cred too.

Anyway, the point is.  I wish I could live in England so that I could attend this:

Oxford’s Museum of the History of Science’s Steampunk Art Exhibit!

They are doing a competition for secondary school kids that I thought would be a great project idea for any young readers group or class who are reading Steampunk.  The assignment is to design and ‘make’ a practical device for today in the spirit of Steampunk!  Pretty cool, eh!

I thought about my machine all day and I think I would like to make something with tons of gears and pistols and tubing that does something really, really small.  Like maybe you have to crank this thing to ring my doorbell. yeah. that sounds great!

Needless to say, I will not be taking a sporadic trip to England but the website lets you lurk through some of the exhibit.  In its stead I will be going to the MIT museum to look at robots. Almost as cool.

Some Other Steampunk Books, New and Old:

His Dark Materials Series by Pullman

2,000 Leagues Under the Sea by Jules Verne

Tons of Phillip Reeve’s Books

The Time Machine By H.G Wells

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